Understanding process mining

What is a process? A process is a sequence of activities performed to achieve a goal. Whether formalized or not, every business performs processes. Let’s take the example of a small take-out restaurant, Mary is the manager and the only employee.

Data Visualizations

Here are some of my data analysis and data visualizations created with R and ggplot2. You can see a sample of the data used for some visualizations and click on the pictures to see them in full size.

Process mining demonstration

How do you improve your business process?Are you a Finance or Operations professional at a small or medium sized firm facing challenges in improving your efficiency and performance?

M5 Forecasting Accuracy Competition

In spring 2020, during lockdown, I participated in the M5 Forecasting Accuracy competition on Kaggle. Almost a year after the beginning of the competition, I realized that I didn’t talk about it and I didn’t share my code.

Relative coordinates or NPC in ggplot2

In ggplot2 we use the coordinate system to place the element in the plot. But sometime we need to organise multiple plots or place images, and we place the element relative to a parent element, and we use a different coordinate system : “Normalized Parent Coordinates” or NPC.

Understanding text size and resolution in ggplot2

What’s complicated about size and resolution ? Have you ever tried to reproduce a plot like the first one and make minor changes on the size or resolution and end up with something like the second plot ?

Improve your shiny application appearance

IntroIn the previous post on Shiny ( here), we focused on the main functions to get started and build a complete application. In this document, we’re going to focus only on the User Interface (UI), and look at more possibilities.

Build your first application with Shiny

IntroductionShiny is a package used to build interactive web application with R.The web application can be embedded in a rmarkdown document, a webpage, as a standalone or as a dashboard.

Troubleshooting with Blogdown and Academic theme

When I started to use starter-academic theme with blogdown, some functions provided by the theme were not working as expected.